My name is Clare Van Eck. I was born in the UK, and grew up in South Africa. I have lived in Vancouver for 19 years. My passion for jewelry  began when I was about 3, when  my attraction to shiny treasures began. I have always considered myself a Magpie, a collector of  shiny things, and I present my work under the name The Magpie’s  Nest.

Please take a look at my PHOTO GALLERY for a small sampling of the work that I do, and check back regularly for updates.

My Style combines contemporary styles and eclectic variations.   My favorite work is my sculptural silver, including Hearts and Spirals in many variations, on pendants, rings, earrings and scarf pins .

Many of my pieces are designed to be worn in several ways… a Wild Heart pendant clipped on to pearls, or worn on a long chain…..a chunky chain simply worn long, or ‘double bubbled‘ with my unique and versatile ‘extender ‘ into a multi strand short focal…. clip in a strand of pearls or a charm bracelet for more versatility and interest.

I have developed a unique ‘gadget’ called The Helping Hand, to assist in putting on  bracelets with a lobster clasp, when you have no-one to help with the clasp… A very popular and unique stocking stuffer or mystery gift.

These pieces cause surprise and excitement when their features are demonstrated at my events.

I have a passion for  many forms of metal work and I  particularly enjoy making Silver Spoon bracelets, pendants, rings and earrings, including Man-Cuffs and chunky rings for the guys….a great opportunity to recycle and find new appreciation and application for the design and beauty in a piece of history.

Design, visioning and creating multi functionality is a HUGE delight. Every creation gives me great joy and fulfillment, and extreme gratitude for the opportunity that I have to express my creativity.

My pleasure and delight is completed by meeting so many wonderful women who resonate with my style… sparks and energy abound.

Take a look at my events list…. I update it regularly.  However, we are not limited to these dates…. feel free to contact me directly for custom designs, house parties,  one-on-one get togethers or to have pieces  shipped to you.

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